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No matter what the occasion, a Luxury Holiday Home Rental with Hidden Ireland is sure to have something to fulfil all your dreams and desires. If you’re looking for a grand home for your celebration or function, a Hidden Ireland luxury rental is guaranteed to provide a memorable setting to match the occasion. Whether you’re celebrating an anniversary, birthday or wedding, by opting for a Hidden Ireland luxury rental you can do so in comfort, style and elegance. And for those looking for somewhere to stay that encapsulates the grandeur and charm of Ireland, a Hidden Ireland luxury holiday home rental has it all, combining style with an emphasis on traditional Irish hospitality.

Choose from a wide selection of luxury holiday home rentals

With many of Hidden Ireland’s Luxury Rentals priding themselves on being family friendly, everyone can enjoy the benefits of these magnificent properties. What’s more, the exclusive rental of a Hidden Ireland luxury holiday home can be enjoyed either fully or partially serviced, or self-catered, allowing you the freedom to enjoy a luxury rental experience ideally suited to your needs.

Choose from Hidden Ireland’s many distinctive and impressive luxury holiday home rentals to find something that offers the location and style you want, with each alluring property offering its own unique benefits and charms. Many of our properties were featured in the Irish Times list of “The 100 Best Places to Party in Ireland”

Whether you’re looking for a small venue for an intimate get-together of family or friends, or a big venue to host larger gatherings, festivities or private functions, there will be a Hidden Ireland house to suit your needs. Equally, for corporations some of the smaller properties are ideal for facilitating start-up or upper management meetings, while the bigger properties are perfect for team building events or large corporate functions and professional gatherings.

Unique locations for corporate functions & team building events

If you are seeking a large Holiday Home to organise large gatherings then our Houses are perfect and located throughout the island of Ireland.

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Once you’ve settled on a Hidden Ireland luxury holiday home rental as the best way to experience all the joys and sights Ireland has to offer, the easiest and most hassle-free way to book is through our easy to use online system.

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