Kevin Myers delivers 3 new talks at Castlecoote House

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Kevin Myers

Starting on 26th March 2019 at 7.30pm, Kevin Myers will deliver 3 new talks under the topic of “No Right to be Right, No Right to be Wrong: The Fictional Freedom of the 21st Century”.

Tuesday 26th March - “The Dictatorship of the Timid”

Empowered cowards are inheriting the earth. Individually and intellectually, they are nothing. But through the courts, the quangos and the on-line mobs, they are creating a Fourth Reich.

Tuesday 16th April - “Endgame for Feminism”

The path feminism has taken will lead not merely to the metaphorical suicide of womanhood but also the literal death of western woman.

Tuesday 14th May - “Secularism & Equality: Ruin’s Twin Sirens”

The enforcement of the fictions of Equality can only mean the death not merely of modern society but of all notions of justice, tolerance and mercy.

Timetable & Tickets

Each talk begins at 7.30 pm and will be followed by Questions & Answers. Tickets €15 per evening