Myth & History Lecture Series 2019/2020 at Castlecoote House

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Castlecoote House

For the past four years, our Myth & History lecture series has been examining those primary texts which form the basis of European civilisation, namely Scripture and Liturgy: cult being the source of all culture. This year, we are taking a more radical look at contemporary culture and the challenges it poses from a consciously Christian perspective.

The Key to the Future of Christianity in Ireland? - Professor Emeritus Fr Vincent Twomey

Thursday 24th October 2019 at Castlecoote House

Life in contemporary Ireland is enriched by the remarkable flourishing of festivals all over the country celebrating the richness of Irish culture, history, and talent. But we do not celebrate our Irish Christian heritage. Catholicism worldwide is characterized by uplifting liturgical celebrations and bright public festivals–except in Ireland. Can this be changed? Is it possible to celebrate in the shadow of recent revelations of institutional and clerical abuse? If so, how?

D.Vincent Twomey SVD was Professor of Moral Theology, Pontifical University, Maynooth. He has engaged extensively in public controversies. His publications include: ‘The End of Irish Catholicism?’ (2003) and ‘Moral Theology after Humanae Vitae’(2010).

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The lecture series runs from 24th October 2019 to 7th May 2020.

Lectures start at 8.00pm.

Individual Lectures: €10

Students/ unemployed: €5


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