Charming Collon House! in Irish Garden Magazine

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Collon House & Gardens

Charming Collon House

Some gardens feature great plant choices, others are graced with good design. The garden at Collon House in Co. Louth has both. It is the hugely impressive creation of John Bentley-Dunn and Michael McMahon. Shirley Lanigan paid a visit to Collon House. Photography: Vincent McMonagle

Collon House is one of the fantastic and homely Hidden Ireland houses that are located all over the island of Ireland! John & Michael are always ready to receive guests into their home and even give a guided tour of the magnificent gardens if you wish! Collon House happily accept Hidden Ireland Gift Vouchers and are open all year! To check out Collon House all you need to do is click here

Check out this fantastic feature below that appeared in the Irish Garden Magazine!.