Our Food Philosophy - Delicious and Locally Produced

The Irish Country House was built to welcome and entertain guests, and good food was always at the heart of that welcome. Hidden Ireland hosts have a natural, honest approach to Irish cuisine, serving fresh, delicious, expertly prepared meals often made with ingredients sourced from their own farms and gardens.

From Farm to Fork

Chef preparing freshly picked veg for dinner
Your chef preparing freshly picked, home grown veg for dinner

In the past the grounds and surrounding farms of these houses provided all of the ingredients for the carefully prepared meals offered to their visitors. That tradition is carried on today by the owners of these unique houses who encompass the ‘farm to fork’ ethos. Many of the houses grow their own vegetables and herbs, offer eggs laid by their own hens and ducks and serve meat from livestock that grew up on their land, truly organic local food. In addition, each house has a special relationship with the passionate food producers in their area and these combined passions make for a dining experience like no other. Local, home-made and organic ingredients have always been a part of the Irish Country House way of life and nowhere can it be savoured better than in a Hidden Ireland house.

Fresh, local ingredients make the finest Irish cuisine

Today, each Hidden Ireland member has their own unique culinary take on the abundant flora and fauna available to them. Some of our members specialise in cooking wild game, a rare treat for food lovers. Others draw from the rivers and lakes in their vicinity. Where else could you go fishing in the afternoon and have your catch served to you for your evening meal? Meanwhile, foraged wild foods like mushrooms, berries or wild garlic will find their way into sauces, salads, jams and desserts that can’t be mistaken for the ordinary. To dine in a Hidden Ireland house is where you will find traditional Irish food made with the very freshest of local ingredients which is what food tourism in Ireland is all about.

Unique Culinary Dishes

Many Hidden Ireland members have given up a secret recipe for you to try and recreate at home…