Enjoy delicious local food fit to rival the best of any Irish fine dining restaurant

One of the most important qualities for any type of accommodation is providing its guests with the highest quality fine dining experience they can offer, one that stands up to restaurant quality. As such Hidden Ireland are dedicated to ensuring that the food they provide is of the highest quality, and still in keeping with the values and aesthetics of their houses.

Because of this Hidden Ireland hosts have an organic and rustic approach to their cuisine, one that also emphasises style and taste. They will be sure to serve expertly prepared and most importantly, delicious tasting meals, often made with the freshest ingredients sourced from their own farms and gardens.

From farm to fork, all our fine dining quality comes from locally sourced ingredients

Chef preparing freshly picked veg for dinner
Your chef preparing freshly picked, home grown veg for dinner

In the past, the grounds and surrounding farms of these houses provided all the ingredients for the carefully prepared meals they served. In -keeping with Hidden Ireland’s emphasis on tradition and heritage, this practice is still carried on today by the current owners, embracing a ‘farm to fork’ ethos. Many of the houses grow their own vegetables and herbs, offer eggs laid by their own hens and ducks, and serve meat from livestock that grew up on their land.

To compliment this, each house has a special relationship with the passionate food producers in their local area, combining to ensure you get an authentic Irish dining experience .One that offers restaurant quality in a setting that still offers comfort and luxury. These fresh organic ingredients, and the recipes they’re used in, represent a venerable tradition of cooking and food preparation that stretches back for generations of Irish country house life.

Fresh, local ingredients mean you get the best in authentic Irish dining

You can also be assured of getting a truly unique experience that reflects the quirks and charms of your venue, with different Hidden Ireland members offering their own unique culinary palette, and finding their own creative way to take advantage of the local organic produce. Some of our members specialise in cooking wild game, a rare treat for any food lover. Others take their inspiration from the nearby sparkling rivers and lakes, giving diners the unique experience of being able to sample freshly caught fish that has been expertly and lovingly prepared. These dishes will also rely on one of the most authentic traditions of any food culture, utilising local foraged foods, meaning you can often find mushrooms, berries and wild garlic that will give your food an authentic Irish taste.

Sample our unique recipes

If you want to try out these unique dishes at home, many of our members have offered their best recipes for you to follow on our Food & Recipes blog.