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At school we were all taught in Geography that Ireland is a shaped like a saucer. Surrounded by a ring of mountains at the periphery, the flat central plane is filled with bogs and lakes, and is drained by a myriad of rivers ­­- so Ireland can be fairly described as an “elysium piscatorum”, a fisherman’s heaven.

Salmon and Trout Fishing in Ireland

Hidden Ireland private country houses offer access to some of the best privately-owned salmon and trout fishing in Ireland, both on river and lake, and indeed several of them own complete river systems. These provide the expert fly angler with opportunities galore to bag one of our premier game fish - Atlantic salmon, brown trout or sea trout.

There’s almost always an expert ‘ghillie’ (or guide) on hand to help with tackle tips, to tell tales of past catches or to take charge of the rowing boat. Some are great characters of indeterminate age with livers that have withstood decades of indulgence. Others are skilled young practitioners with contagious enthusiasm and great Irish charm.

Coarse Fishing in Ireland

Ireland is also a paradise for coarse fishermen. Champion pike and many other species such as bream, eels, tench, roach and rudd abound in the myriad lakes and rivers. Many Hidden Ireland private country houses have top-quality coarse fishing right on their doorstep, at the bottom of the garden or just a short walk away, while others have ancient private lakes that have rewarded anglers with specimen fish for many hundreds of years.

Sea Fishing in Ireland

Houses near the coast can provide access to sea fishing too. This ranges from fishing for mackerel and pollock from the shore or from small boats, an ideal way to entertain the children, to fishing for shark and other large species of game fish, many miles out to sea, a gruelling and arduous sport, not for the faint-hearted.

Country House Fishing in Ireland

Fishing can be arranged at virtually every Hidden Ireland house, but some houses have particularly well-known private fishing or owners who are themselves great fishing aficionados. Among our more important fishing houses are:

  • Ballyvolane House in County Cork has over six miles of privately-managed salmon fishing on the renowned river Blackwater, with a wide variety of spring and summer beats. Ballyvolane House also operates a Fishing School and runs courses throughout the season.
  • Hilton Park in County Monaghan is just a few miles from Lough Erne, with its four species of trout and a wide array of coarse fish. You can even fish in the private lakes, one of which contains brown trout, the other pike.
  • Temple House in County Sligo has a famous pike lake that has been yielding big fish to small boats since the days of the Knights Templar.
  • Coolclogher House in County Kerry can arrange fishing trips on request.

Whatever their preference, anglers will be able find waters and opportunities to suit them - as well as the camaraderie of fellow-fishers – all on a tour of Hidden Ireland houses. Be sure to state your interest in fishing when making your reservation, because some rivers and lakes are strictly limited to a set number of “rods” each day, some may be booked out for many months in advance, and the dates of the fishing season may vary from district to district and from species to species. To avoid disappointment, nail your piscatorial colours to the mast as early as possible.

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